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USA Shade LogoUSA Shade is one of the leading full-service, design-and-build commercial shade manufacturer in the nation. Our extensive design and manufacturing capabilities put you in the driver’s seat. Not only do we offer a wide range of architectural shade structures and shade solutions, but we can customize options for you as well, so you get exactly what you’re looking for in a shade design.

​Adding shade to your location helps you to benefit the customers, clients or other users of your outdoor space. Whether you own a recreational space, play area or other outdoor space, commercial sun shade solutions help keep everyone cool and can help prevent sunburns, heat exhaustion and other sun-related ailments. Shades can further protect playground equipment or any other assets on your property from sun damage. USA Shade solutions are designed to look great while providing functionality. High-quality materials ensure years of use and sun protection in many types of weather.

Hip Shades

Hip structures are very cost-effective, and are ideal for shading a wide variety of areas including pool areas, playspaces, outdoor seating, automotive detail areas, and more. The hip roof design features clean, straight lines – a common look for surrounding buildings and structures.

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Multi-Panel Shades

Give your playground a vibrant new look with a Multi-Panel structure! From our popular Mariners and Mast Panel structures to our largest Pyramid and Octagon Multi-Level products, we have the shade solution you need to modernize your location. Incorporating multiple fabric panels, these structures make it easy to mix and match colors.

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Shade Sails

Our 3-Point, 4-Point Hypar, and 5-Point Shade Sail structures provide any venue with a modern, innovative look, as well as plenty of shade! Varying columns heights (each column can be a different height) enable the fabric to conform to a unique shape, providing visual interest and vibrant aesthetics.
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Single Post Shades

When shade is required, but there is little accommodation for multiple columns, choose one of our Single-Post designs. Our complete line includes the Coolbrella, Single-Post Pyramid, Lifeguard, Aurora, and Twilite structures. Each can provide a unique look for your venue, with water and theme parks common applications for these designs.

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Wave Structures

Wave structures provide unique and innovative aesthetics, adding excitement and color to any area in need of shade. These structures are designed to represent a “wave”, with peaks and valleys. Because of this shape, Wave structures are ideal for aquatic facilities, pool areas, outdoor seating, and much more.

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Canopy Shades

Whether you’re shading a small benchseat with our Sandton or Linksfield, providing a semi-private oasis with our Cancun Cabana, or need UV/sun and rain protection from our Weather Protector, we have a complete line of canopy structures to shade a wide variety of areas. Weather Protectors available in a wide variety of sizes and fabrics

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