Bluegrass Rec serves a wide range of customers, from city parks to churches to homeowners associations. Our 25 years of experience designing and implementing recreational play structures means that we have seen it all – and come up with a solution to solve even the most complex projects. Find your industry below and learn how we can help.

Markets-ParksParks and Recreation

If your community has a park, you have the ideal space for a playground. Without harming green space, you can create an area for children and families to play.


We specifically design play structures to provide a clear line of sight so teachers can keep an eye on children at all times.

Markets-Faith OrganizationsFaith Organizations

Religious institutions are an ideal place for playground equipment. Children should feel welcome, and offering a place for children to have fun safely is an ideal way to do that.

Markets-EarlyChildhoodEarly Childhood

Combining fun and sensory learning is what we do best. Our early childhood products stimulate senses and imaginations in unique and engaging ways.


Daycare owners are passionate about providing the best possible experience for the children in their care. A great daycare playground can align with your goals by helping you support children in growth, development, fun and creativity.

Markets-HOAHomeowners Associations

Play benefits everyone and playgrounds can help serve children, families and adults in neighborhoods.