Through our consultative approach, we help our customers find the resolutions to all kinds of questions that arrive during the planning process. We have complied some of the most common ones here to help with your research and project planning.

Are there grants available for building my playground?

Yes, there are several federal, state, and corporate programs that offer grants for playgrounds and physical fitness equipment. Since grant availability changes frequently, please contact us to see what is available now.

What are my playground surfacing options and how do they differ?

​There are many different options for playground surfacing, including poured-in-place, rubber tiles, rubber mulch, artificial grass and loose fill rubber. These options can differ in appearance, feel, price, required site preparation, installation, and maintenance. The best way to decide on the right surface is to contact us to discuss which options are available and will work well with your installation.

Can volunteers install my playground?

​Yes, community builds are a great way to grow communities and save on installation costs. Detailed installation instructions are provided with every order, although some component installations can be challenging for inexperienced installers. If you are considering a community build, please contact us and we can provide guidance and helpful planning information.

What is the lead time for your products?

Lead times vary by manufacturer and current demand. Please contact us to determine current lead times on the products you would like.

What other costs do I need to consider for my project beyond the equipment costs?

List prices are for equipment only, but when we prepare a quote we typically include shipping costs and sales tax, if applicable. There are also a variety of other costs to consider for playground projects, including:

  • Equipment Installation Costs
  • Relevant Site Work Costs (e.g. base prep, curbing, concrete, etc.)
  • Surfacing Material & Installation Costs
  • Check out our Planning Guide to get a better understanding of the costs and considerations involved.

Is it possible to make upgrades to my existing playground without buying a whole new structure?

Yes, we can work with you to update and refresh your existing playground. We can retrofit your playground and incorporate exciting new play elements that will bring fresh life to your play space, while also making sure that it meets current accessibility and safety standards. Please contact us to schedule a site visit and review of your existing play area.

Can I plan my playground to be built in phases?

Yes, the modular nature of our playgrounds allow for them to be planned and built in phases. This is a great option if you would like to start out with some initial equipment and then gradually build your playground as additional resources and funds become available.

Why Bluegrass Rec?


As a customer-focused company, we form a consultative relationship with you, working to design and implement a project that fits your needs and budget – not ours. Since we design our structures in-house, we can work together one-on-one to design a solution that will WOW you – from traditional structures to the latest and greatest products to hit the market. Working with the top manufacturers means that the possibilities are endless when it comes to your project. This means we can be incredibly flexible in order to fit your specific requirements.

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