Planning Checklist

A playground or recreation project can seem like a complex or daunting task at the beginning – that’s why we at Bluegrass Rec have put together this project planning checklist. Make sure you’re prepared for your project by running down these questions and filling in the answers. As always, if you need help with any element of the planning process, we are here to help.

Define your Objectives

  • Why are you planning/updating your playground? What do you hope to accomplish?
  • What is your target installation date or deadline?
  • What is your total budget? Be sure to budget for all related costs, such as:
    • Site Prep
    • Surfacing
    • Installation
    • Playground Equipment
    • Site Utility Marking
    • Building Permits
    • Freight/Tax

Assess your Needs

  • How many will play on the playground at one time?
  • What is the age distribution? How many 2-5 year olds? How many 5-12 year olds?
  • Do you have any important considerations (e.g. accessibility, ADA, etc.)?
  • Would you like to include any other site amenities? Shade? Site Furniture? Sports installations?

Analyze Your Site

  • Where will the playground be installed?
  • What is the size of the area?
  • What is the slope of the site? (The site topography may affect water runoff/drainage.)
  • How will the climate and natural forces affect the playground?
  • Is a copy of the site plan available?

​Select Your Equipment

  • What specific play events would you like included (e.g. slides, climbing, overhead events, play panels, etc.)?
  • Are you interested in a composite play structure, independent play elements, or a combination?
  • Would you like to incorporate any theme elements?
  • What is you planned color scheme?

Choose Your Surfacing

  • Which safety surface are you considering?
  • What is the maximum fall height you would like on your playground?

Plan Your Installation

  • Who will be doing the site prep work and installation?
  • Would you like to use a professional crew, volunteers, or a combination?

Ready to start your project with us?

The next step is to contact our expert design and implementation team at Bluegrass Rec. Using our planning process, we’ll make it easy for you to start your new project and drive it to the finish while staying within your budget!

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